The Free Methodist Church Mission Statement:
To love God, love people and make disciples.

Our Purpose 

To know God and to glorify Him by making Him known.

Our Challenge

To Become an Apostolic Movement

The Word of God is our standard and guide in all we do and propose. It is through the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom that results from seeking God, that clarity vision and understanding of function emerges. It is through the confirmation of God’s people that vision can become a reality and that the prayers of the saints can result in great movements of God in our world. The call to become an apostolic movement, a movement of God into the harvest fields of the world, will mean:

  • A church focused on the message of the cross, the resurrection and the Kingdom of God
  • A church with sound doctrine, integrating faith and learning
  • A church with a holy passion, surrendered to the purposes of God
  • A church which reaches and multiplies across all boundaries: religious, ethnic and national
  • A church that models Jesus We believe that the local church is God’s instrument to transform society.

We believe that local leaders are to be entrusted with the privilege and responsibility of fulfilling our Core Values. This, in short, represents the theological and practical basis for the proposals that follow.

Our Community Culture 

We are a connectional church. We are strengthened most by our relationships based on truthfulness and grace. We believe our mission drives everything we do. We strive to make the message of the gospel relevant to our culture by remaining faithful to God while showing love and sensitivity to the world. We accept all who come to us, seeing the most desperate sinner with the potential to become a whole and devoted follower of Jesus. We see smaller groups and cells within the larger Body of Christ as the best environment for the birth, mentoring, encouragement, and care of new believers. We view our local churches as mission outposts. Our pastors are appointed not just to a local congregation and building, but to the evangelization of whole communities, towns, cities. We see ourselves as an apostolic movement. We are a “sent” people, charged with the task of reaching new territories and new populations of people with the gospel. We are Wesleyan in our doctrine and in our practice. We value the guidance of the scriptures and the consensus of the Church throughout her history. We are to be a holy people. Our conduct and our teaching are to reflect the holiness and love of God. We seek nothing less than the healing of mind, body, and soul of all who come under our care.

Our Vision for the Local Church 

Every church a healthy church with Spirit filled leadership working a plan to fulfill our Profile of a Healthy Church.

Our Vision for Conferences and the General Church 

Every conference and the General Church creating an environment that equips and supports the church and its leaders to fulfill our Profile of a Healthy Church.

Our Profile of a healthy church 

Every church a worshiping community Every church an enfolding congregation producing discipled, growing, holy people Every church a reproducing congregation Every church regularly reaching the lost for Christ Every church engaged in our world missionary movement Every church seeking justice and showing mercy to the poor and disenfranchised Every church organizing to best accomplish its purpose and mission Every church characterized by intercessory prayer.

Our Core Values

As people of Wesleyan/Arminian persuasion, focused on living holy lives to the glory of God, we will:

  • “love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and love others as much as we love ourselves.” (Mark 12:30-3 1)
  • “go to the people of all nations and make them disciples of Jesus.” (Matthew 28:19)

Our Strategic Priority

Multiplying godly, competent leaders

Our Leadership Initiatives

Placing mission ahead of method, our pastors and churches are free to strategize and minister in ways which fulfill our Profile of a Healthy Church.

Our Non-Negotiables

We may not live in violation of the Scriptures. We may not live in violation of the Articles of Religion, the Constitution, the Membership Covenant, or the Mission of the Free Methodist Church. Our pastors may not live in violation of their ordination vows. Our leaders may not lead the church in ways which detract or divert from our mission.

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