2018 Multiplication Report

At our annual conference gathering in June of 2017, we rolled out a vision for our 10/36 multiplication initiative with the goal to multiply ten new churches in the following 36 months. To achieve this level of unprecedented growth would require unprecedented prayer, commitment and obedience. As we stand at the halfway point, we acknowledge the challenges that lay ahead of us but we also take stock and give thanks for the things the Lord has accomplished in 2018.  

  • Our Conference Leadership Board has created and set aside funds into a multiplication account from which we award multiplication grants for CAC’s (Conference Affiliated Churches) and PAC’s (Parent Affiliated Churches).  

  • In January of this year, our Mission Igniter Grant committee approved $82,000 in grant money for three different multiplication proposals to be disbursed over the next two years.  Ravenbrook Recovery Church in Jackson Michigan, Detroit Urban Life Center and Evergreen church in Ann Arbor.

  • A number of our churches have already launched or are making plans to launch new apostolic initiatives; micro church networks,  dinner churches or other fresh expressions works and a few churches are in the planning stages for the launching of new multi-sites. 

  • We are developing the concept of multiplication hubs in the city of Detroit, Northern Indiana and in the downriver communities of the Detroit metro region.  These hubs are exploring different models that will enable them to make disciples, multiply leaders and churches.

  • We have witnessed an explosion of growth in Mission Igniter which is our church multiplication incubator.  

    • Individual Donor Income: $244,172.43 (229 individuals)

    • Corporate Donors: $392,171.00 (16 including SMC Multiplication funding)

    • Total 2018 Income: $636,343.43

    • Dec 2018 Donations: 149 for $140,353.00

We are grateful to God for His leadership in bringing us to this new place but we also recognize our need for continued wisdom as we navigate the many complexities and challenges of making the transition to becoming a multiplication movement as an annual conference.  Thank you for your faithful giving, prayer and ongoing efforts toward the multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches.  To Him belongs the glory!

NewsJamin Bradley