Around the World Shop Still Open!

Over the Holidays a pop up shop was opened to help promote and sell fair trade products from around the world (most products coming from Free Methodist partners). Due to the local interest, it was decided to keep the shop open and see how it does beyond the holidays.  The winter weather in Michigan has been tough this season but we want you to know we are still here and still offer amazing and unique items for everyone in the family.  Stop by often as we are continually getting many new items and increasing our retail partners.

But we do more than operated a shop in a mall we also offer the following services to help your church.

  1. We can offer a display of items for your next missions conference. It not only has great items to see and purchase but also educates folks on how they can make a difference beyond their gift and offerings for the kingdom. Because we have items from more than 30 countries we can have items tailored to your focus.

  2. We provide a way for your missions group to raise funds for an upcoming mission project.  We can offer you forms with some limited items for sale. Orders are taken and a percent of the sales are yours for your project.

  3. Fundraiser idea #2 (for those close to Jackson) – we can provide you a card that can be distributed by your group to give to anyone they know encouraging them to shop at the store and 5% of their purchase is sent back to you for your project.

  4. Our products could be used for a women’s conference or a retreat display.  We can provide a table of some of the latest merchandise for the event. We can also work with organizers to create a mini fashion type show of scarves, bags and knitwear that is available. 

For us it is more than just a store. It is a process of helping followers of Christ become better consumers to use their purchases to help folks around the world care for their families.  

We also want to help the local church engage in the this as well. If you have an idea of how we can partner with you to make a difference let us know and we will talk.

-Al Mellinger

MissionJamin Bradley