Interview with Journey of Hope

When we left the Pardee Rd. property and moved into West Middle School in Taylor, we decided to treat ourselves like a church plant and launch ourselves back into the community. Over the past thirteen weeks, we have been getting used to our new space and our new portable system. We felt like this was vital before we began inviting others to our gatherings. February 10th is the day in which we chose to launch our first gathering for the public. Over these past thirteen weeks amazing things have taken place: 

  • Our volunteer engagement has increased 45%

  • We've served the Taylor School District and built a relationship with them

  • We held a teacher and staff appreciation luncheon at the school

  • We continue to write encouraging notes to the students

  • We are collecting supplies that the teachers need for their classrooms

  • We bought the school over 300 new chairs they needed for events

  • We have planned out some upcoming strategic community events

 We ask that you join us in prayer for Feb 10th that Jesus would continue to move on the hearts of our friends that we are inviting to that day, that people would accept the salvation of Jesus, that we would continue to build in-roads into our community, and the missional culture will continue to develop.

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MissionJamin Bradley