Kalamazoo Free Methodist Church Relaunch


God greatly blessed the relaunch at Kalamazoo Free Methodist Church. With over 150 in attendance (double the average attendance over the past two months) there was a highly energized atmosphere filling the church. The many new faces were a result of personal invitations, Facebook advertising, mailing campaign and yard signs throughout the community. Despite the monsoon-like weather conditions, people kept coming in and the umbrella brigade were kept very busy! The renovations to the church provided a welcoming atmosphere from the new Holy Grounds Café in the foyer to the completely renovated Kid’s Kingdom to the renovated sanctuary with new lighting, larger platform and new décor. Three individuals accepted Christ as their Lord during the service and nine people signed up for the next membership class coming up in three weeks! Please pray for KFM as they continue to move forward with the Recalibrate efforts.

-Craig Watson

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