Launching New Arabic Worship Venue

Jiran means “Neighbors” in Arabic and that's what we call our ministry. We want to be the kind of neighbors Jesus calls us to be, following Him across dividing walls, breaking down barriers, defying stereotypes, and facilitating reconciliation by practicing and empowering behaviors like listening, compassion, and empathy. We believe that as we demonstrate Jesus’ love to our Muslim refugee neighbors, conversation will come to center around Jesus’s love and His invitation. We are trusting Jesus for households upon households of Arab refugees worshipping Jesus.

“En-largen our team” is what I have heard this past year. I have sensed that to mean to prepare for the harvest and develop a leadership pipeline. Jesus has indeed been adding to our team, and we are trusting Him to do so until we have Arab representation and leadership. We have been praying for God to send us Christian Arab laborers with compassionate hearts towards Muslims and a value for contextualization.

This Saturday, we and a few other leaders of like-minded organizations have invited six Christian Arabs that God has brought to Dearborn to gather in our home for a meal, prayer, a story, and worship in English and Arabic. There is little to no congregational evangelical Arabic worship in Dearborn. 

Pray that Jesus would lead this Saturday’s gathering and continue to grow us deeper in community. Please pray that God would show us how to come alongside and learn from our new Arab friends and that God would birth in them a similar vision. Pray that God would help us identify three potential Arab leaders that we can invite, develop, and deploy in becoming leaders of house churches where refugees from a Muslim background can journey toward discovering, experiencing, and worshipping Jesus for being all He says He is!

-Megan Weber

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