Lincoln Park FMC Repurposed


The Dearborn Free Methodist Church formed Revive Network in 2017 to provide services that help meet practical, emotional and relational needs in Metro Detroit. They envisioned a network of community service initiatives that work together for the common good of Metro Detroit residents. Likewise, Revive Network will serve as a hub for missional leaders and community service initiatives by providing the platform, infrastructure and administrative services needed for these leaders and their initiatives to develop and succeed. The team envisions a day when the Revive Network becomes one of the leading community resource centers in Metro Detroit!

The Chandler Center was birthed when Revive Network leaders saw the opportunity to repurpose the building that was formally used by the Lincoln Park Free Methodist Church. The services the center will provide in the first year include exercise classes, financial counseling, a food pantry, a clothes pantry, and the rental of the facility for family events. Revive Network also agreed to lease the facility to a Hispanic Church plant (Latinos Emaus Church) on Sunday mornings and two evenings a week for their services and other activities. Latinos Emaus will partner with the Revive Network team to serve the surrounding community. Tom and Jennifer Jacobs, members and leaders at the Dearborn Free Methodist Church, are serving as Directors of the Chandler Center.

The Chandler Center hosted a Block Party and Rummage Sale on Saturday August 25th to serve as a soft opening and to build relationships with people in the community. The Jacobs, along with more than a 15 Revive Network volunteers, were able to connect with more than a 150 people (mostly neighbors) who attended the event and raised over $700 for the Center. 

Possible future initiatives for Revive Network and the Chandler Center include refugee outreach, counseling, life and leadership coaching, daycare, immigration assistance, citizenship preparation and urban farming. 

MissionJamin Bradley