National Prayer Summit 2019

The 4th National Prayer Summit held the day prior to the 2019 General Conference is called "Deeper Awakening" for good reason. "Awakening" - obviously because we need the Lord opening our eyes to help us shake off spiritual sleep at a time when the church is being called to new methods and opportunities for local and global action. But we chose the word "deeper" rather than "deep" to celebrate how the awakening is already happening. Over the last four years, our three previous national prayer summits have grown from 175 (March 2015) to 275 (October 2016) to nearly 600 participants in February 2018. That's evidence of how the Lord is moving our hearts in prayer. Now we want the awakening to take us into deeper repentance, spiritual vitality, divine revelation and above all passionate holiness. Hundreds of people have already signed up to attend to the most important matter of kingdom business - prayer.

MissionJamin Bradley