Raven-Brook Recover Church Launches Next Week!

At Raven-Brook Recovery Church, it is our mission to, "Recover the lost and equip the found." In our purest form, we are a healing ministry that seeks to bring healing and life to all dimensions of struggles humanity may have. Healing from substance use disorder, alcohol use disorder, anger, pornography, and gambling (just to name a few) can be found with us. Recovery Church is a place where people can openly proclaim, “I struggle with this and I need help,” and not feel shame, but find empowerment and life. 

Our name originates from the Old Testament where Ravens were viewed as unclean—the untouchables. But as we look through the Old Testament we see a shift begin to happen. God begins to use the raven, like in 1 Kings 17, where God uses the raven to feed his prophet Elijah. In comparison, those of us in recovery are often viewed as unclean—the untouchables.Yet, in the same way God used the raven to feed Elijah, God wants to use those in recovery too. He has declared us clean through the blood of his son Jesus. He has sent us—the ravens—to bring life. We launch our church services Wednesday, May 1st at 6:30pm in Jackson, Michigan and request your prayers. Let’s recover the lost together.

-Myisha "Uni" Cunningham

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