Testimonies from Evergreen Church

“Evergreen has provided a whole new meaning of community. I have grown closer to God through fellowship and study than ever before. Evergreen embraces diversity through welcoming all walks of life and faith. I have encountered, for the first time I might add, the powerful healing nature of Jesus. Evergreen has fulfilled needs of my soul that were left empty and void by previous churches in my life.”

“For me Evergreen is a community built on authentic relationships, discipleship, healing and accountability – no matter where you’re at in your walk. I also appreciate the emphasis of different styles of worship, there’s something for everyone. The growth I have experienced in a short amount of time has been incredibly impactful, both spiritually and emotionally. The Spirit is moving and I am excited to see what’s in store!”

“Evergreen has challenged me to take an active part in Christian community like I never have before. It’s a community that welcomes and loves me but constantly pushes me to grow. I’m continually struck by the passion this church has for spreading Jesus’ light to the darkest corners of the city.”

“I’ve grown up going to church, but Evergreen feels different. I’ve experienced Christian fellowship in a new way and I am being impacted in a positive way.”

“Evergreen to me is a safe place to grow and expand my knowledge with the Lord. It’s having a community of people that support and cheer me on to grow deeper with God, but also to support me in everyday life successes and failures. It’s like family in church form.”

“When I started coming on Sunday nights, it was like a sleeping part of myself was beginning to wake. Evergreen has challenged me to increase my discipline in reading His Word, praying, and seeking His guidance in everyday matters because I know I want to be an active part of what Evergreen is doing. I want to be in the best “spiritual shape” that I can be in order to be ready for whatever He asks of me, and Evergreen is helping me achieve those goals. At Evergreen, there is a true desire to see God at work and to be a part of that work, and it is both a humbling and invigorating thing to behold.”

NewsJamin Bradley