Three Oaks Votes to Close

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Some months ago, Pastor Ray Babcock accepted a position at the World Ministries Center in Indianapolis but continued to work bi-vocationally under his appointment at Three Oaks. When the Superintendent met with the Board on two occasions, it became clear to them that they no longer had the financial resources nor the community ministry that was needed to reach out to their community.

A few weeks ago, the delegate and Pastor contacted Superintendent Bruce with news that the church had convened a Society meeting and voted to close itself. The following excerpt from their Society meeting is recorded below;  

Moved to discontinue worship services. The last service to be 5/27/2018. The conference is to be notified for the next step in dissolving the society. The motion was supported by Bernie Abendshien. Voting was done through paper ballots. All 15 votes cast were in support of the motion; motion carried unanimously.

We are grateful for the rich legacy of the Three Oaks church across its 109 year history. Countless lives were changed forever, ministries across the globe were supported, children and young people were discipled and new leaders were developed and deployed. Only heaven knows the combined weight of Kingdom advancement that took place through our Three Oaks Church. The members of the congregation will be encouraged to affiliate with the closest Free Methodist Church in Niles Michigan to continue in that same Kingdom work in the days ahead.