Weber's Start New Michiana Ministry


We have arrived, unloaded and getting settled 

Last week was our move and unpack week. We spent the entire week unpacking, organizing and getting the furniture in its the right place. Julie was needed in Dearborn to help Dustin and Megan as she was in the hospital for a few days. We count it a privilege to be able to help the kids when they encounter challenging situations. God has been working in Megan’s body, and she is much better this week and continues to heal. For us, we are considering this our first week at work in the new location. Although our commissioning was some time ago and we have been working diligently on logistics, foundational plans, and connections, all has been leading up to this day. We have even begun to learn our way around and have even started to go places
without using our GPS. 


Ever since we announced that we were called to serve the Michiana area and particularly Elkhart, people have been sharing with us the names of friends and family they know in the area that they think we would want to get to know. So, this week has been about making those initial connections. Please pray for these contacts so that we will be open to what God has in store and how or if he wants to work through these people. 

All Pro Dad
We have come to Elkhart several times to pray our way around the city. On one occasion we found ourselves stopping to pray in the parking lots of elementary schools. After the fourth or fifth stop, it dawned on us that there was something about these schools that we needed to pay attention to. We began to ask the Lord what the message was in this for us. As we prayed, we sensed that we were to look for people of peace in each of those school areas as an entry point for future church planting. 

One related idea was for Dwight to get involved in a group called “All Pro Dad.” This non-religious organization was started by Tony Dungy to teach and model healthy and wholesome fathering to young dads. While in Spring Arbor he attended a group several times that met at Bean Elementary and felt strangely drawn to it as a tool to connect with young dads. This week he reached out to the three schools that currently are hosting All Pro Dad groups in Elkhart. One of them turned up a conversation with a Principal whom Dwight will meet with next week. Will you pray for this appointment that God will build a bond of connection and open doors to either be a part of the group that he is leading and or to begin a group in another elementary school in Elkhart under his umbrella? There are 14 Elementary Schools in Elkhart, and only three of them have groups currently meeting. We're asking God to give us a group in each school over the next two years. 

Why All Pro Dad? 
Even though this is not an evangelistic or even a religious organization, they are all about teaching fathering using biblical principles. Dwight is asking God to use All Pro Dad as a connecting point to help him build relationships with guys who are far from God. From there, we plan to begin discipleship huddles that we are praying will evolve into a church plant among people who would otherwise have never darken the doors of a traditional church. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the first Microchurch we start would come out of one of these elementary schools? Pray with me, will you? 

Area Pastors
In the next few weeks, Dwight has appointments with area Pastors in hopes of introducing them to the idea of beginning Fresh Expressions of Church outside the context of their traditional church. He will also be meeting with a few people who are currently leading or working with church plants that are targeting the Hispanic population that makes up about 18% of this area. Pray that God leads him to the right people that we can network with what they are doing and collaborate on how we can support one another as we strive to advance the kingdom together.  


Please Join us in Praying for:

  • God will lead us to People of Peace that will open the way to groups, causes, and people who are far from God. 

  • The appointment Dwight has with this elementary principal and his investigation to All Pro Dad leadership. 

  • Favor and open doors with their new neighbors.

  • Favor and open doors with area pastors. Pray the Spirit will proceed Dwight’s conversations with them about starting fresh expressions of church where their people live, work, and play.

  • Dwight travels for training with Tampa Underground Network School on May16-18 and Fresh Expressions Learning Community on May 31 - June 1. Please pray for a fuller understanding of how to birth the Mission Igniter Michiana Network. 

  • The Spring Arbor house is to close on or before May 20th. Pray that we don't run into any snags. 


  • The awesome help we had loading our moving truck. Nothing was broken or damaged in the move. This is a huge PTL based on previous moves. A big thank you to Brandon Marken, Kenny Seneff, Bobby Ganton, Justin Brown, Colton Martinez, Laurie Buter, Nancy Forney, and Fred Adams for being the loading/cleaning team. A big thank you to Barb Adams for providing an excellent lunch for the movers the day we packed up. A special thanks to Randy & Diana Mason and the crew led by Calvin Whetstone for the help unloading. 

  • In the last couple of weeks, we have had 11 families join our financial support team. We are so grateful to the Lord for his leadership in their lives. This new missionary living is so humbling and an adjustment for us. 

  • The sense of at-homeness that we feel. We are grateful to the Lord for a quick adjustment and a sense that our little apartment is the place that we are to be for such a time as this.

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