What We Envision.
Our vision is to bring wholeness to the world through healthy, biblical communities of holy people multiplying disciples, leaders, groups and churches. 

“The provisions of the gospel are for all. The ‘glad tidings’ must be proclaimed to every individual of the human race. God sends THE TRUE LIGHT to illuminate and melt every heart. It visits the palace and the dungeon, saluting the king and the captive…To civilized and savage, bond and free, black and white, the ignorant and the learned, is freely offered the great salvation.”
— B.T. Roberts, Founder of the Free Methodist Church


For nearly 150 years, the Southern Michigan Conference has grown and prospered because of the interwoven nature of our connectional relationships between pastoral and lay leaders and local churches. Connectionalism has been one of the constants that has made us strong and abounding in fruitfulness both within Southern Michigan and beyond. The wisdom of our founders embraced the idea that meaningful connection among our leaders and the churches they serve was to be preferred over autonomy. 

The Southern Michigan Conference consists of a network of nearly 40 local churches and church plants spread across a 15 county area in our state as well as Ontario and Ohio. Together we worship and work together in order to extend the Kingdom of God both within and beyond our own borders. We are bound together by our commitment to Scripture, our Wesleyan/Armenian theology and our Book of Discipline. And, we hold dear two core values:

1. We are better together than we can be by ourselves.

2. We can do more together than we can do by ourselves.


  • Recruiting and developing catalytic leaders for the transformation of churches and communities. 
  • Networking and strengthening our partnerships with affiliate FM institutions.

  • Launching and sustaining new apostolic initiatives and church plants. 
  • Resourcing and building upon our historic commitment to worldwide mission.