Fill out the application

Interested in joining the SMC in ministry? Great! The first thing we need you to do is fill out our application. You'll want to note beforehand that this survey is quite lengthy and will take some time to finish. To help accelerate the process, you may want to have a few things handy before jumping in: personal financial information, financial information of your previous (or current) ministerial job, your theological thoughts on Free Methodism, and a general sense of the kind of ministerial work you are wanting to get into.

If you need to take a break from the application or your computer has a technical problem and freezes up, you should be able to pick up on the last page of the application you were on, so long as you access the application from the same device and your cookies haven't been reset. Despite this, we highly advise trying to do the whole thing in one sitting to avoid any technical mishap. We also suggest that you do not take the survey from a phone as a heavy amount of writing is required.

Ready to go? Then just click the "Apply Now" button! But don't forget to return to this page later and submit the other details mentioned below.

Background Check

Please also complete the following background check on your LMC.

Spouse Questionnaire

Please have your spouse fill out some brief information so we can get to know them.

Submit your Resume

Please submit your current resume with cover letter to Ashley Tohm. We ask that you include the following details:

  • Skills & Competencies

  • Employment history, including the following

    • Name of employer, name of supervisor, history of employment with each respective employer

      • Responsibilities

      • Reason for leaving

  • Include all previous ministry positions

    • Reason for leaving

    • Responsibilities

    • Church name, Pastor and/or supervisor’s name

  • Military service as applicable

    • What dates and branch you served in

    • Rank at discharge

    • Type of discharge

    • If other than “honorable” explain

  • Education History

    • Name of High School you graduated from, date of graduation, city, and state.

    • If you completed a GED or equivalent, list year completed, institution, city, and state.

    • Post high school education: name of institution, degree, years in attendance. If you did not complete a specific degree, list the number of credits.

    • For college and graduate degrees please have the respective institutions mail us an official copy of your transcripts.

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • References

  • Please provide four references (no relatives): name, mailing address, phone, email and relationship with each reference respectively.

  • These should be people who know you well and are able speak to your progress in personal, spiritual, and professional development.

  • These references should include one of your pastors from your local church, colleague/ministry peer; and someone to whom you have ministered.

    • Those currently serving as a pastor, please submit a personal reference, a professional reference and two references from lay people within the congregation you serve.