Bootcamp for intercessors


A vital part of our vision for the Southern Michigan Conference is that every church would be walking and working in the power of God's Spirit.

We believe that spiritually renewed churches are more pliable to the on-going recalibration work of God's Spirit which will in turn lead to an increase of spiritual reproduction/multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches. We also believe that the renewal of God's people happens as the prayers of God's people become biblically grounded and spiritually passionate once again.

We are calling all of our churches to do the deep work of prayer as they seek God for fresh vision and spiritual anointing. Toward that end, we are pleased to offer a special resourcing event called, "Boot Camp for Intercessors," as a way to re-invigorate congregational prayer. Pastor Thomas Ramundo has developed this weekend teaching series and is offering this unique prayer ministry to every church in our conference that senses the need to kick start the prayer life of the church in the days ahead."

"Boot Camp for Intercessors" is a weekend teaching event and is designed to correspond with a 40 days of prayer emphasis in the local church. If you would like to schedule with Thomas and learn more, you can reach him here.

As a reminder to all of our churches, our conference encourages local churches to develop a culture of generosity. That means that when a resource people is invited to come and minister in the local church setting that the church appropriately expresses appreciation for the value received. As a baseline, an invitation for Thomas to come for a weekend series should minimally include a $600 speaking fee plus expenses. If you are serving in an "under resourced" church but feel you cannot afford this minimal amount, please speak to Superintendent Bruce directly to see how the conference could possibly partner with the church in appropriately funding these costs.